The Ultimate Tempeh Reuben

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// The Ultimate Tempeh Reuban // Makes 2-3 sandwiches

Becky and Noah:

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I feel like there’s no middle ground when it comes to sandwiches – you either have a really good sandwich that is full of #flavorful ingredients that complement each other in just the right way or you have a really disappointing sandwich that fails to #satisfy and leaves you feeling very underwhelmed. #Sandwiches can make or break a day. This sandwich definitely falls into the former category – a really good sandwich. While I love the traditional Rueben layered with corned beef or pastrami, swiss, sauerkraut, and 1000 island dressing in between two slices of #grilled rye bread, this tempeh version is arguably just as #delicious, if not more. If you’re a #MeatLover, you just need to keep an open mind 😉

As mentioned above, all of these components can be made ahead of time if you’re short on time or want to prep lunches for the week. I wouldn’t recommend making the #sandwiches beforehand as they’ll get soggy and soggy sandwiches are a no-go in my book. Also, if you have a panini grill, by all means, use it! We don’t have one, so we simply ‘#grill’ our Reuben’s in a frying pan. Get the Recipe!

We can be found on the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail