Spinach Chickpea & Heirloom Tomato Prawn Sauté

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Lately I’ve been all about the comfort food. Warming, filling, hearty dishes that inspire coziness and bring nourishment. It’s funny how our tastes and preferences change along with the seasons. Are you in the comfort-food zone yet or still rocking the smoothies and salads? 

When I created this recipe, very spontaneously one afternoon, it was when I was in the mood for something filling, and warming, yet not so much so to be a chili, soup, or stew.

I knew a sauté would fit the bill perfectly.

I peered into my fridge and saw some leftover quinoa and wild rice mix that had been cooked for a dinner the night before. On another shelf I spotted the heirloom cherry tomatoes I had ordered from SPUD and the big bag of spinach that needed to be dug into. Get full Recipe here!