MUFON PA is pleased to extend an educational service to South Eastern PA, and central and souther new Jersey, for civic community groups interested in the work of MUFON research. These presentations are offered free of charge and donations are accepted to MUFON’s non profit 501c-3 organization. Select contact us to send us an email for more information and to submit inquiries.

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Jennifer W. Stein

State Section Director 

For Public Awareness

Phila. Western suburbs 

Main Line MUFON Coordinator

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John Doucette

PA State Director PA MUFON

Fred Saluga

Assistant State Director PA

Dan Medleycott

Chief Investigator

State Section Director, State Section Three

Berks, Lebanon, Schuylkill, Juniata, Northumberland, Snyder, Union, Montour, Columbia, Lycoming

Donna Luther:

State Section Director, State Section One

Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia, Bucks, Lehigh, Carbon & Northampton

Fran Iannitto:

State Section Director, State Section Four

Monroe, Pike, Luzerne, Wyoming, Lackawanna, Wayne, Susquehanna, Bradford, Sullivan, Tioga

Bob Behanna 

State Section Director, State Section Five


George Medich

State section Director, State Section Nine

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Sam Colosimo

State Section Director, State Section Ten

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James Krug

State Section Director, State Section Eight,

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Fred Lane

State Section Director, State Section six

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State Section Director, State Section 11

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Assistant State Section Director

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Bill Weber: Contact Bill

Bill Weber is the MUFON State Director for Delaware.  While in Pennsylvania, acting as the Chief Investigator for the State, Bill was responsible for a team of State Section Directors and Certified Field Investigators. Bill has held numerous positions within MUFON during the last 25 years he has been with them.  As a Certified Field Investigator, Bill has investigated over 100+ cases. These case reports ranged from anomalous lights, orbs and objects up to and including possible abduction cases.  Bill actively supports his team of Certified Investigators and staff in Delaware.  Bill has presented his research at the MUFON PA state conferences in 2011, 2013 and 2017.  He has also participated as a guest speaker on WHFR / FM radio show “ We Are Not Alone “ , from the Dearborn / Detroit, MI area and also the “ Late Night in The Midlands “ radio show from Columbia, SC. Most recently,  Bill was the guest speaker on the “ UFO’s Over Pennsylvania” TV show which was aired on PCTV 21, Pittsburgh, PA.Contact Bill

Bill Weber can present on the following topics:


Presentation speaks to who MUFON is, what we do as well as membership roles and responsibilities. Discussion regarding our beginnings, investigative techniques and requirements to become a Certified MUFON Field Investigator

IFOs, what are we seeing in our Sky’s?

Presentation outlines various natural and man-made objects, which are often mistaken for UFO’s.  References and photographs from actual MUFON cases are presented and unknowns are identified.

UFO’s and Technology….. a subjective overview

Presentation begins with discussion of technology gleaned from a crash recovery in the Black Forest Germany in the 1930’s to the 1947 Roswell crash.  Various alleged German UFO’s are shown. Alleged modern technology can be attributed to the knowledge and items recovered, which are in place today in Military, Medical and Aerospace industries. 

MUFON Case 47,000….. a mid-air collision??

This presentation is an actual “ongoing” MUFON case which started off as reported object(s) in the sky and turned out to almost result in a min-air collision. This event occurred back in 2013 over the greater Danielsville / Allentown area.  Actual radar tracking is shown to reveal the actual collision paths, as well as the approximate size of the unknown. To watch Bill give this lecture click here.

Jennifer W. Stein, Contact Jennifer Stein

Jennifer Stein is a PA State Section Director in charge or education and public outreach.  Although a trained field investigator for MUFON PA, her main focus is educational outreach to the general public in the Philadelphia area. As a film maker she does not participate in ongoing field investigations.  She participates in supporting MUFON PA annual fall conferences in the Philadelphia Bucks County regional area. Jennifer graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in textiles in 1983. Professionally she has been an entrepreneur working with serval different family owned business operations since 1974.  Additionally, she has held regional positions with various no profit organizations over the last 25 years. She is an award-winning documentary film maker. Her areas of interest include ancient archeology and architecture, lost origins of ancient cultures, as well as crop circles and randomly down crop. She is dedicated to the expansion of knowledge on the topic of Unidentified Flying Objects, and extraordinary experiences including, NDE- Near Death experiences. Jennifer is the founder of Main Line MUFON, A regional branch of the International Mutual UFO Network providing free monthly public educational presentations through regional public library locations in the Philadelphia area. In addition, she is coordinating member of Noetic Science's "Shift in Action" for South Eastern PA, a MUFON PA State Section Director and field investigator. Jennifer coordinates regular monthly programs at the Tredyffrin public Library in Strafford Pa. For more information visit her site at:

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Jennifer Stein presents on these following topics:

U. S.  and Canadian Crop Circles - The Evidence, Research, and Theories Jennifer’s presentation will focus on Crop Circles in the United States and Canada with an in-depth look at repeating characteristics. She will review the peer reviewed literature, lab research, and current theories from internationally known researchers from around the world. She will share historical data on CC and review their relationship to ancient sites. She will share some of her firsthand observations from the field. In closing she will suggest different energy forces that could be involved in creating these odd effects on the earth, not just in crops but other mediums as well. Jennifer’s interest in Crop circles began 30 years ago while researching ancient archeological sites, and ancient mound structures.  She began traveling into English crop circles in the late 90’s and became hooked, wanting to uncover the mysteries surrounding this phenomenon. Her research continues today with visits into formations and randomly downed crop in England the United States and Canada.  Jennifer is a member of the ICCRA (International Crop circle researchers Association), has lectured extensively on crop circles around England, France, Canada, and across the US, an appeared on CN8 - Philadelphia and Canadian television programs on Crop Circles, and internet radio shows extensively over the past 10 years. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science in textiles from the University of Arizona. She is a business owner, artist, self-taught award-winning filmmaker, activist, and researcher.  She is a state section director for MUFON PA, and the founder of a Main Line MUFON a Philadelphia area group providing monthly educational programing on topics pertinent to MUFON and Noetic Sciences. Jennifer is the host of a weekly public access television program, Main Line MUFON at Radnor Studio Chanel 21. To Contact Jennifer Stein

Gobekli TEPE, An ancient site in Southern Turkey. Jennifer will present an overview with slides & film clips about an ancient site in Turkey: Gobekli Tepe.  Jennifer traveled to Turkey in 2012 with Boston University Professor Robert Schoch, along with Linda Moulton Howe, and other researches to study the & explore this site firsthand. Sharing some of her film clips of these travels and interviews with experts in the field Jennifer will present on the significance this ancient sites plays in changing our known human history. She will also review what she learned from Robert Schoch. Jennifer Stein, BS, U. of Arizona, is an artist, entrepreneur, activist & award-winning documentary filmmaker. Jennifer has been reading, researching and traveling to ancient sites for 10 years for firsthand exploration and examination.

Documentary FilmTRAVIS - The True Story of Travis Walton

The film has won over 29 film mainstream film festival awards around the world since its debut in February of 2015 at the IUFOC in Phoenix Arizona. This fast-paced documentary recounts the world-famous UFO incident from November of 1975 when Travis Walton and six other lumberjacks come upon a 40-foot disk hovering silently over the crest of a ridge in the Sitgreaves National forest. Spellbound, Travis jumps from the passenger side of their work truck running towards this craft of unknown origin for a closer look. That decision would change him and these loggers for the rest of their lives. This 21-year old logger from Snowflake Arizona disappeared for five days igniting a firestorm of controversy aimed at the logging crew who were the last to see him alive in the forest. Now 40 years later Walton explains how the forest, the highway, and the phone booth remain emotional triggers, and how he sees’ his experience more of a rescue operation than a typical abduction experience. For more information about the film visit:

Screenings are possible for organizations, educational groups, UFO groups, and community civic organizations. Please contact with Jennifer W Stein for more information: To request a Screening click Here

Joseph Foster is a MUFON field investigator in Monmouth County New Jersey. He is a retired Information Technology, Electronics, & Communications Project Manager. As an Assistant Vice president, for Data management at Merrill, Lynch, Joe lead technical support teams as a contractor for the Department of Defense, the justice Dept, and the FBI.  This work focus around technology needs for computerized weapon sights, & advanced energy systems. Joseph Foster grew up in East Hampton, Long Island, New York and central New Jersey.  He enlisted in in the US Coast Guard in 1969 and served thru 1973. While on active duty, with the Coast Guard he served as a Navigator and Signalman “Quartermaster”, on an Ocean Station patrol and participated in “Operation Market Time” in Vietnam.

Joseph presents on the following topics.

In 1968 there were four submarines lost at sea, at least one was nuclear, and one was carrying nuclear ballistic missiles.  These subs are as follows; Scorpion – US – Nuclear submarine (lost in the Atlantic due to “mechanical” issues), the K-129 (Soviet conventional submarine (carrying three nuclear armed ballistic missiles and torpedoes in the Pacific), Israeli, diesel electric submarine (sunk by an Egyptian destroyer in the Mediterranean) and finally, a French diesel electric submarine ( while undergoing sea trials in the Atlantic).  This presentation will explore the K-129 and present factual occurrences that took place over a period of time that may or may not be related. April 1968 the Soviet ballistic missile submarine, the K-129 (a Golf II class diesel/electric, ballistic missile submarine was lost with all hands in what may be best described as questionable, perhaps even “mysterious” circumstances.  The location of the sinking was approximately 800 miles ENE of the US Coast Guard manned Ocean Station Victor.  During the summer of 1969 patrol I was on my Ocean Station patrol on the Coast Guard Cutter Mellon.  It was during this patrol that we had a unique UFO sighting that included radar and visual verification by a number of witnesses.  Three objects passed over the ship traveling at 3500mph having approached the ship from the direction of where the sub was lost.  Flying time of note from OSV to that site at that speed recorded and verified was approximately 10 minutes. This narrative highlights the possible linkages that over time involved the UFO phenomenon, and what could have been a very dangerous “rogue” operation gone array, possibly leading to what could have been one of the most frightening and significant events of the “Cold War”. Project Azorian was a documentary produced by the CIA highlighting much of what was involved in the raising of the K-129 and what may or may not have been shared.  There is no “smoking” gun per se, only anecdotal data that may help penetrate the veil of secrecy and mystery surrounding the K-129.

"One man's life and his UFO related experiences". Joseph spent the first of his formative years growing up in East Hampton, LI, NY before moving to a farm in New Jersey.  He enlisted in the US Coast Guard in 1969 serving thru 1973.  During this time he encountered several UFO related events he considered transformational. While in the U.S. Coast Guard he was trained as a Navigator and Signalman (Quartermaster) performing those duties on board a high endurance, Coast Guard cutter, the USCGC Mellon.  He served both on Ocean Station patrols (Victor) as well as well as having deployed to the Republic of Vietnam as part of Operation Market Time. Joseph’s background includes; Project/Program management, IT, Science & Technology, and Communications.  He also worked for the FBI in Tech Services, managed a data center for Merrill Lynch.  During the time he spent with Merrill Lynch as an AVP (Assistant Vice President), historically, his operation cleared the first government security on behalf of the parent company, ML & Co with the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.  His Fe-Wire Data Center cleared $billions in Government Securities and funds transfers on a daily basis. Joe also provided leadership and program direction in the development of new technologies for the Department of Defense and the aerospace industry.  Among these new technologies included; an automated gun sight with heads up display, an advanced waste to energy system and the promotion of an innovative data storage technology using a crystal as a high capacity storage medium. Joseph’s presentation will focus primarily on his experiences while in the Coast Guard and information related to the military and UFOs.  He will speak specifically of events having taken place at sea dovetailing with interesting information that surfaced, quite by accident during a conversation with a person whom he considered “In the know” about UFO related “events”.  He discusses these items from first-hand experience including the anecdotal information subsequently acquired.  These events are just a part of other incidents having taken place throughout his life, the first at the age three.  Other non-military related events to be discussed at a later date.  Nike Missile Explosion - Joseph Foster for more information

Mufon Field investigator for MUFON New Jersey, Robert Spearing will present on what a MUFON FI does. 

Robert Spearing presentation on Orange fireballs (These are pretty rampant here in NJ). Bob will provide a very local flavor to the presentation; he will briefly discuss a Long Branch sighting made by a young couple who were able to each capture the event on the smartphone video.  This should generate a bit of local interest because the sightings were made by the son and his girlfriend who at the time was the longest serving city councilman in the history of the city. Bob Spearing is a Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator in New Jersey. He has investigated hundreds of cases for MUFON.  In addition to his work in New Jersey, Bob oversees field investigators overseas in Southeast Asia and Europe. His proudest achievement was being named to MUFON’s Special Assignment Team (SAT) which handles the most delicate and complicated cases the organization gets. He now heads the SAT team. Bob’s specific area of expertise is the phenomenon known as Orange Orbs sometimes called Orange Balls of Light (OBOLS).  No one knows what these mysterious plasma balls are or why they are here? They have been with mankind since early Egypt and account for the majority of all UFO reports today.  Bob’s lecture takes the audience through the significant episodes in human history concerning Orbs. He details various theories as to what their origin might be, what they are composed of and whether or not they are intelligent.  He lays out interesting statistics about orbs and details how you can tell an Orb is real as opposed to a hoax or Chinese Lantern.  He concludes with a section on what tools researchers or the average person can use to investigate Orbs.